MIIEN is a black-owned Image Consulting Agency that helps to improve your personal image and get brands to be more recognized by setting the right tone for their look. You need to focus on your brand aesthetics and branding yourself by simply dressing the part of your success. In fact, John T. Molloy in his best-selling book ‘Dress for Success’ talks about how the Image Consultancy industry was formed after seeing how true the impact of image affects the brand success. This was after carrying out the research on himself.

Our company, MIIEN, was founded by the professional Image consultant, & Fashion Merchandiser Mikara Reid. She has collaborated with many brands such as EXPRESS, Juicy Couture, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Jay’s Company and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As an Entrepreneur herself, Mikara understands the unique challenges people and brands face when it comes to the overall image and she believes that your outlook and that of your brand speaks a lot to your potential customers.

Image plays a vital role in our lives. And image is mostly all about perception. In fact, people will quickly make value judgments about you or your brand within the first 10 seconds after you meet. That said, the world can already tell what to expect from you simply based on your appearance. Therefore, when you wear the right clothes, styles, colors and keep up the right attitude, you will inevitably feel great and are more likely to project a greater deal of confidence.

Also, the best way to leave a lasting impression everywhere you go is by presenting your best self through visual appearance and verbal and non-verbal communications. May it be at in job interviews, at work, school, social and formal functions, dates and even business deals. And with our Image Consultancy services, we will help you to improve your brand’s image. But the fact that digital assets are becoming so instrumental to everyone’s life today, MIIEN also, targets the fashion brands. This includes shoes, fashion accessories, fashion home accessories or anything else that fits the vision on communicating your image or brand with product/merchandise that helps to enhance your appearance. Communication goes beyond the verbal interactions and that’s why how you present your branding tends to speak a lot.

Our team also believes that brand image is fluid. Therefore, we are committed to sustaining relationships with each and every client and brand that we come across. And through this model, we can help each other not only develop but also grow in brand imagery. With the help of our network of resources; MIIEN creates and implements a wide range of unique strategies that help you or your brand freely express through the image you portray to your customers.

As our company’s mission works hand in hand with brand value, we do not limit our services to other professions who lead with a positive impact and integrity. We stand by our mission to amplify image and brand appearances by serving the corporate go-getters, independent brands, and personal image enthusiasts.


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