Dress Better, Feel Better: The Power of Personal Presentation During A Pandemic

August 18, 2020
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August 18, 2020 MIIEN

More often than not, people judge us by our physical attributes and how we dress is a big part of it. That said, do you want to have that lasting impression while attending a virtual or in-person event and get to feel unshakably confident? Well, stick around as this might be one of the most important article you will read this year.

There is no denying, as a woman (or a male), it can be tough having to look good every other day during these uncertain times. The need to be noticed, credible and feel wanted is often the driving force to how we present ourselves. However, dressing well is not just throwing on a nice top and ditching your pants. Your image often majorly influences how we see ourselves as well as the opinions of the people you do business with.

That said, in this article, we will cover 3 tips on the importance of personal presentation during the pandemic and how your dressing is likely to affect your self-image and self-confidence.

1. Your Wardrobe Plays a Key Role in Creating a Positive First Impression

Whether you are showing up for a date, presenting yourself at work or virtual event, how you dress influences the person’s assumptions about you. There is no denying our brains always have a way of formulating the initial opinion about someone even before you hear a word from them. Depending on how well you dress, you will be more likely to get better attention, respect and clients.

2. Dressing Well Incites your Overall Confidence

Ever heard of the ‘look good, feel better’ slogan? That’s exactly what we are talking about here. The way you dress for your body type, profession/lifestyle and persona can immediately change your mood and also enhance your confidence in your abilities.

Whenever you feel like you are second-guessing yourself in certain environment, dressing polished in a professional setting will attract positive energy. This will instantly help elevate your confidence! It also opens you up to interact better with clients or colleagues and take on assigned projects with more confidence.

3. It Gives You a Channel for Expressing Yourself

Most people will be like, ‘as long as I get the work done, it doesn’t matter what I wear’, WRONG! The best way you can express your individualism in any setting is by looking your best by having clothes that fit you well, your hair intact and great skin.

At the same time, you can utilize your style to help you stand out from everyone else in the crowd. That said, you may consider crafting some personal items to your appearance as this will help add a whole new vibe to your entire outfit.

If you need help on your personal presentation, we’d love to help!

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