Fragrance Hacks: Ways to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

August 31, 2020
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August 31, 2020 MIIEN

Did you know that something as simple as a deodorant or perfume could instantly transform your overall body image? Yes, the application of fragrance makes individuals appear more confident as it affects the wearer’s perception of themselves. And that is because fragrance notes tend to send and receive subconscious signals, which help to enhance your appearance.

That is why using fragrances as part of your everyday grooming could help a big deal in modulating your self-image. In fact, Mikara advises her clients whose style is more on the conservative side and are not so fashion-forward to apply fragrances. It immediately helps to elevate their attractiveness.
That said, in this article, we will focus on how using fragrances can give you a remarkable boost of self-image. Also, we will look at a few hacks on how to make your fragrance last longer.
There no doubt about it; fragrances play a considerable role in how you feel as well as the ability to elicit a range of emotions as you will be feeling happy, relaxed, and sexy. So, let’s get to it!

1. Always Store Your Fragrance in a Cool and Dark Place

Perfumes are very sensitive, and any heat, light, and humidity will likely breakdown it. Hence, affecting not only the quality but also the intensity of the fragrance. That said, you should store your perfumes in cool and dry places.

An excellent place to start is ensuring the perfume bottles are away from the windows. You can also use a stand to display them on the vanity in your room or keep them in a drawer. Or a place Mikara stores her fragrances are in her closet.

2. Get the Right Strength of Perfume

Naturally, some perfumes will last longer than others. And you must understand that even while applying all other hacks to make your fragrance last longer. These perfumes will not only last longer on the skin but also in the bottle.

Different perfumes and colognes are sold in varying concentrations. That means that they have different ratios of fragrance oil to alcohol. These concentrations include:

  • Eau Fraiche: 1–3% perfume oil; usually lasts less than a half an hour
  •  Cologne (Eau de Cologne): 2–4% perfume oil; usually lasts two hours
  • Toilette (Eau de Toilette): 5–15% perfume oil; usually lasts around three hours
  • Perfume (Eau de Parfum): 15–20% perfume oil; usually lasts five to six hours
  • Parfum: 20–30% perfume oil; last up to 8 hours and most expensive

While choosing the right strength of perfume, you also need to consider the notes. That includes:

  • The Top Notes: These are usually the initial and often lighter set of smells that will linger
    on the skin immediately after application. The top notes will last from 15 minutes to about an hour or two.
  •  The Medium Notes: These are the main elements of the fragrance. They will include
    scents that are a bit heavier than the top notes. They can be spices or florals that will last
    on the skin for about 3-5 hours.
  • The Basic Notes: These are the scents that develop last, and they are usually the boldest
    scents. What do I mean? The basic notes can be detected throughout the day and are evaporate last. Therefore, they can last between 5-10 hours.

3. Avoid Shaking the Perfume Bottles

When you shake the perfume bottles, it merely allows air to infuse in the fragrance. This is why it shortens the lifespan of your perfumes.

4. Line Your Drawers with Some Scented Tissue Paper

Well, this one of the best hacks especially if you have a signature smell. With this hack, you can get all your clothes to smell like it. What you need to do is line your dresser drawers with some tissue papers and then spray them with your favorite scent.
That will make your undergarment and clothes smell really amazing. The scent will permeate the fabrics of your clothes hence giving you the desired signature smell in all your clothes.

5. Mix Your Perfume with an Unscented Lotion

If your perfume is running low, I’ve got a quick hack for you to fix that. Pour the last bits of your fragrance in your body lotion or cream (preferably unscented one). That ensures that nothing goes to waste, and at the same time, you will create your own scented lotion.

6. Avoid Rubbing in Fragrance

The one mistake that most people do is dabbing the fragrance on their skin after they spray. Only, when you rub your wrists together, it quickly breaks down the chemicals in your perfume.
The top notes breakdown faster than they should, and this forces the scent to disappear more quickly. Meaning, the fragrance won’t last you as long as you anticipated.

7. Spray the Fragrance on your Hairbrush

As we all know, spraying alcohol-based fragrances on your hair tends to dry it out. So, if you want some extra scent in your hair without damaging it, you can spray it on your hairbrush then run it through your hair. That will ensure your hair is lightly scented and undamaged at the same
time. A win, win.

8. Spray Cotton Swabs and Use them for Touch-ups

If you want a scent boost on the go, this is the best hack for that. It would help if you sprayed some cotton swabs then put them in a sandwich bag. These will be ideal for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

At the same time, these are convenient as we can all agree that it’s easier to carry these cotton swabs in your clutch than putting the entire perfume bottle in your handbag. And the fact that you put the swabs in a sandwich bag, they will remain moist for quick application later in the day.

9. When Spraying the Perfumes Target the Pulse Points

When we apply fragrances, we want them to last longer. And the best way to ensure that the scent lasts throughout the day is by focusing on pulse points.
In case you aren’t aware of what pulse points are; these are the warm areas on your body that
will help to diffuse fragrances throughout your entire body. Some of these pulse points include:

  • On your neck
  • Behind your ears
  • On your wrists
  • Inside your elbows
  • Ankles (right next to the bone)
  • Behind the knees and
  • Below the midriff

10. Before Applying Your Fragrance, Smear a Small Amount of Vaseline on the Pulse Points

If you want scents to last longer on your body, you can do this by rubbing some Vaseline on your pulse points. The Vaseline will act as an additional moisturizing lock for your perfume scents. And this will help the fragrances to last even longer than if you apply it on dry skin.

11. Spray Your Perfume Right After Hitting the Shower

When you spray your skin right after taking a shower, the moisture on your skin will help to lock in the perfume scents better. At the same time, that will help to prevent your fragrances from staining clothes that might be super delicate like silk blouses or even your jewelry.

12. Spray the Fragrances onto Bare Skin

Fabric and clothing tend to block the scents of your fragrance. Therefore, if you want to take care of this and at the same time you want the scents to smell better, you should spray the perfumes on bare skin. That is because scents meld better with the natural body oils and pheromones.

In Summary

It’s is essential that we smell nice all day long as fragrances overall affect our self-image throughout the day. But sometimes it may feel like the scent has disappeared the moment you put it on. But as we have seen from this article, the trick is simply knowing where to put it. Also, how to store it so that it retains the quality of scents.

And we can all agree that if you know just how to make the best out of your fragrances, you won’t waste so much. What’s more, if you would like to learn more about fragrances and a lot more that goes into building your self-image, then visit MIIEN Consultancy.

If you need help on discovering the new you, we’d love to help!

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