Makeup Trends You Can do During the Pandemic

June 4, 2020
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June 4, 2020 MIIEN Staff

Without a doubt, the novel COVID-19 has drastically changed every aspect of our lives; both socially and economically. Something that no one had anticipated when the year began. And now that we have to stay at home and comply with government social-distancing directives, it has been hard to keep up appearances.

Most people are finding it hard to play dress up just to move from their bed to the couch. Therefore, since the COVID-19, most of us are not at their best at applying makeup. But don’t worry as MIIEN is here to help you look your best during your virtual meetings or the quick run to the grocery store (just to let your face see outside). The best thing is that you will get reliable, professional advice from a beauty expert, who I’ll introduce to you shortly.

But before we go there, we can all agree that the fashion industry is ever-evolving. Every new year brings forth new trends that flood social media platforms in no time. However, with so much information around you, it can be challenging to sort through and find something concrete without wasting too much of your time. That said, let’s take a look at what Beauty expert and makeup artist Renata has to say about post-COVID makeup trends you can try out.


Meet Renata Doddy the Phenomenal Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist

Renata Doddy is a very charming and jovial lady who loves it when she’s surrounded by lots of makeup. I met her through  LinkedIn, and since she’s been a mentor and a personal inspiration to me. Also, she’s my go-to makeup guru. Honestly,  I look up to her so much as I continue to grow up in the fashion industry.

I’d like to let people know who Renata Doddy is and why she’s so influential in the fashion industry before we move forward. Renata Doddy has been the industry for over 20 years now. She has been featured on Billboard, Telemundo, Larry king show among others. Also, she had the opportunity to work with incredible clients. That has given her the connectivity in her success story.


How is it Like Working in the Beauty Industry? Let’s Hear it From the Expert!

Staying relevant in the beauty industry is the challenge that most people face. “But when you do something that you love, it’s so easy to stay relevant,” says Renata.

You don’t have to try too hard. Also, when you have been in the industry for so long, you always know what’s going on. You are so knowledgeable that you can even create your own trends, sit back and watch them break the internet.


Top Makeup Trends You Can Do Post COVID-19

With everything’s that’s been going on, people are a little skeptical about going out. The Corona virus pandemic has everyone staying at home unless they need to get groceries or medicine from their local shops. However, you still need to look presentable for your virtual parties, virtual business calls and family video conferences.

That being the case, you need to look gorgeous by pulling off a beautiful trendy makeup look. Functional beauty is driven by the desire for a more socially responsible and authentic way of living.  But don’t let that stress you out! ” The trend during  COVID-19 should be having fun, experimenting with different products and looking for what will look good on you,” Renata suggests. And as much as there’s a wide range of makeup trends right now let’s start with the eyes.


1. Glittery Eyes and Bold Colors

Regardless of the era, glitters have been a trend, and this doesn’t seem like something that will go away anytime soon. “When it comes to eye makeup, the trend right now is a metallic glow, glitter, bold colors and neon colors. That’s what’s up right now.”

And the best thing about this trend is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to have an artists sketch. “It’s all about putting a single metallic color, and you are in. You don’t have to worry about  blending or getting it right with the first try.”

“This is the ideal time for people who have never experimented with eye shadows. Don’t be afraid!!! Go ahead and get out there and grab that eye shadow pallet you’ve always wanted or you have in your kit but have always put it back because you aren’t sure where to start.” This should be a seamless, safe space where you can experiment without being judged by anyone.

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“Get to experiment with some colors and see what would look good on you. Take your time working with that color you’d like to try on. Come out of this with a fabulous new you!” Simply have fun with your eye makeup trends. One color on top of your eye is all you need to look chic.

2. Accent Inner Eyes of Fresh Skin

Accent inner eyes on your fresh skin is another new trend that you can give a try. After all, a little bit of color doesn’t hurt. In fact, it goes a long way to make your entire look pop. Acquire a fresh makeup look by focusing on adding a neutral eye. Use a high-quality concealer and foundation that will give you a subtle flawless finish.

When you have created this excellent base, add a nice pop of color to inner corners of your eye. Specifically, focus on the tear duct of your eye as this will be enough to add some pop of color to your makeup. I’ve always been a big fan of color, and I’d love it if everyone starts embracing it whether it’s just a simple pop of color on your eyes or a bright lip on your bare face. When it comes to makeup, it should be fun and gorge.

Image via Annabel Annunziata | Beauty Blogger pinterest

3. Floating Crease Eyeliner Makeup Trends

The traditional smokey eye is becoming less popular as new trends make their entry to the market. There’s a new way of adding a little drama to your standard boldly-colored statement eye. With the current trend in 2020, your eyeliner doesn’t have to rest on your lash line anymore. In fact, Renata confirmed that the Floating crease eyeliner is the current way to slay your smize.

“This is where the heart of most artists is; we can get to experiment with some floating crease designs. It’s ideal not only for us makeup artists but also for anyone who’s had trouble drawing a straight line for their eyeliner.” And it doesn’t take much to pull off the floating eyeliner look. All you need to do is apply it close to your eyelashes.

Then, liner in the crease. You can choose between creating a bold floating crease or a neutral floating crease. If you’ve had trouble with creating a cat-eye, you can also use a floating crease as an alternative. ‘Put eyeliner across the crease then bring it down across the eye, and you’re good to go. Most people are not good with eye makeup, but with this trend, you’ll not have much trouble.”

Throw in Some Coordination

If you are like me and love it when there’s a little coordination in your makeup, you can match your under-eye to your floating crease. Add some more drama to your eye by using the same liner you used on the crease to pop your lower lash line as well. However, make sure that you blend it out well so that you achieve a softer look on your under-eye. When it comes to eye makeup trends, there’s no limit. Just go for whatever pops your eyes and makes them look incredible.

Image via Byrdie Beauty

4. Colored Mascara Makeup Trends

When it comes to making your eye pop, mascara is another crucial ingredient as it plays a vital role in shaping the whole look more put together. “Actually, if you don’t want to deal with eyeliner or eye shadow, or its simply not your jam, then another good way to pop your eye is  by using colored mascara.”

Vibrant pastel hues and rainbow-hued lashes are quickly making a whole new vibe in the beauty world. The colored mascara will not only welcome a nice twist to your makeup look but also enhance the general appearance of your eyes. That’s by quickly turning your makeup trends from basic to classy. Your eyes will look brighter and more awake when you apply colored mascara. What more would you want than something that will give you maximum impact with minimal effort?

Image via StyleCaster pinterest

It’s Finally Time to Ditch the Black Mascara

So, its time to finally ditch the basic black mascara. Get to amp your makeup routine, and you can now experiment with different colors. Talk of shades of blue, violet, green among all fantastic colors. These colors are excellent for anyone a bit apprehensive about colored mascara at first. But as much as colored mascaras can be flattering, its essential that you choose colors that suit you.

Don’t worry if you are not comfortable doing an eyeliner. Color mascara will be your new best friend. Actually. I personally have tried some color mascara before. Even Cardi B complimented me on how nicely done my light violet-blue shades came out. Remember that wearing a colored mascara is a beauty statement.

So, make sure that your makeup mainly focuses on your eyes. You can keep the rest of the makeup minimal and almost bare. A minimalist makeup look and colored mascara will help to prevent your makeup look too messy. Therefore, your punchy eye-pigments will shine through.


Don’t forget to apply a base mascara before the colored mascara. That will help to make the bright colors pop even better on your lashes.


5. All Hail the Red Lip

Red will always be the most transformative lipstick, no matter how many trends are introduced. Although it may take time for you to find the ideal shade of red when you finally do it will quickly become your all-round weapon. Whether it’s on a date night or Monday morning meetings and everything there in between.

“Red is the new in color for the lip. It doesn’t really matter which shade of red. Whether its the fiery red, orange-red or pink-red, whatever looks good on you. I personally love orange-red and violet red.”

Try a red lippie if you haven’t already. Orangey reds especially tend to flatter the warm undertones of your skin and makeup. The secret with pulling off the ideal red lip is picking one shade that will suit your skin tone. At the same time, try not to be too much.  That way, you will be in trend while ensuring everything is not overdone since you’ll end up looking crazy.

Image via Cherrelle Douglas Pinterest

6. The Glittery Lip Makeup Trends

Glittery lips are certainly making a comeback. However, you need to have the right set of products to pull off a glittery lip. This is something that will not immediately sound wearable, but if you are not a fan of lipstick, then this is a perfect time to do a glittery lip gloss. It will slide beautifully over the natural color of lips while giving it that lovely shimmer. Just enough to go with a board room meeting or for traveling across town. It may be a little bit subtle, but you’ll love it.

“Peach is also a nice color.” If you want a classic statement lip, peach red should be your go-to look. Actually, if you take a scroll on any social media platform, you will notice that the peach red lip is always dominating your feed. Unlike the very flashy red lip, the peach lipstick will add a subtle and fresh pop of color to your complexion. That said, peach red is one of the most flattering color options that you can consider.


A Quick Takeaway

Now, you’ve heard it all from the beauty and makeup expert Renata. These are the makeup trends of the right makeup job that you can try out during this lock-down. Beauty habits change from time to time, and it’s essential to always stay up to date. The trends of makeup we used to have a decade ago have entirely changed. Makeup doesn’t follow any rules. It’s all about embracing what you like and experimenting with what seems to be working for you. Are you ready to revamp your new look? Click here to get started.


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