Natural Look Tips With Beauty Expert Renata Doddy

May 13, 2020
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May 13, 2020 MIIEN Staff

Natural Look Tips With Beauty Expert Renata Doddy

Just like most other trends, natural look makeups have drastically changed over the years. And as a modern woman, you need to keep up with these trends without looking like you are trying too hard. You’ll actually be surprised that when it comes to makeup, more is less. That is not exactly what anyone would expect, but recent trends have shown that being a little light-handed when it comes to cosmetics makes you come off looking better and more put together.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be left  behind as everyone is taking some drastic measures to update their looks. Jump on to the ship while still at the shore, and you can give this natural look a try. And as we all know; beauty lovers aren’t afraid of change. Talk of piercings, eyelash extensions, and pixie cuts! Such are things that do not scare away beauty lovers to the slightest nerve. In fact, these beauty enthusiasts encourage such changes and even look for the best way to adapt to the new looks.

Therefore, neither do they hold back from throwing in some color in old routines or finding new beauty treatments. However, updating your look, especially if you are trying to maintain that natural look, is never easy. But that’s not to mean its impossible. Surprisingly, a change will boost your confidence while at the same time, giving you the chance to look chic.

Thankfully, there’s a makeup genius who knows all the right cues to create that dreamy, natural makeup look. That is the one and only Renata Doddy, who is an international makeup and hairstylist. Luckily, she shared with us all her tips for crafting and updating your perfect natural look. That said, read on to find out.

So, who is Renata Doddy of The Artist Revealed?

Renata Doddy is a freelance international makeup artist and hairstylist. She is inspired by the various forms that are in the art of makeup and general hair styling. She is well flourished in her element and continues to arm herself with the new techniques that boost her prolific professional approach in her career. Among her achievements feature on billboards, live broadcasts, TV, Film, covers, celebrities, editorial, and marketing videos.

The legendary makeup artist now has over 20 years of practice in her area of expertise. She has not only been a reflective member of the society as a makeup artist and hairstylist but also as a great public speaker, casting director, former model, voice-over talent, creative director, and former radio personality.

Renata Doddy has gone above and about to show the enormous potential that women can have in this vast digital world. All her achievements have given her the much-needed connectivity to her blooming success.

Tips on Updating your Natural Look Start on a Clean Pallete

That is the first and essential step to achieving the flawless natural makeup look. A fresh face counts a lot in the outcome. That said, make sure that you have a cleanser that’s ideal for your skin type. Ensure that you clean your face with warm water then pat dry your it to remove any makeup residue.

You wouldn’t want to have any residue, especially around the eyes, as this tends to pull back your look. That said, if necessary, use a makeup remover. Overall, remember the importance of starting on a clean pallet every time, not just when doing your natural makeup look.



Exfoliation is the other sure-fire way to achieving a nice natural look. When you remove all the unnecessary dry skin on your face, you will be left with a youthful skin that will easily absorb the skincare products. And with that, you will be able to give your skin a smoother and fresher look throughout the day.


Moisturize Your Skin

“Natural beauty is all about glowing and radiating skin. Therefore, to achieve that dewy skin, the secret is to moisturize with a clean pallet that will add moisture into your skin.” In fact, you are in a better position of achieving a natural base for your skin if you mix your foundation with a little moisturizer.

That’s because it will dial down the foundation coverage of your skin hence giving you that dewy natural finish that you want. To achieve that glowy finish, you need to add a little bit of cream that will give you that natural, healthy-looking glow.

Add the cream to your foundation to reduce the heaviness of your base while at the same time boosting your natural glow hence leaving your skin feeling and looking fresh. “You can also use a primer. But primer on daily routine tends to clog up some people’s pores, and in most times, it irritates the skin.”


Apply Just Enough Foundation for a Natural Look

When it comes to laying out the foundation of your makeup, it can be quite tempting to go over the top. But in most cases, this doesn’t end well. If you don’t end up with ashy under eyes, you will hate the cakey look of your makeup.

“Use one layer of the foundation where there’s a liquid or soft cream. And unless you have anything to cover, there’s no need to cover up your entire skin. All you have to do is add an extra layer of foundation on the problem areas.”

The best tip when using foundation is to only add extra attention to spots that you can notice with your peripheral vision. Trust me, those imperfections that you will most cases see when looking at the mirror, no one else notices.

Don’t zero in so much on your imperfections as you might end up overdoing everything. In addition to that, Blend! Blend! Blend! Your foundation! That will help you to avoid that cakey complexion. Your foundation will, in fact, become warm with the skin. Hence, it will blend in well with your natural skin tone.

Use Glowing, Illuminating, Reflecting Products to give you a Radiating Look

“The trend today with a natural look is to have a glowing skin.” When looking for products to use in your face, there are a few keywords that you should pay attention to. Some of these keywords include; glowing, illuminating, reflecting, and such products will give you that radiating look you’ve been looking for.

Natural Look Highlighter

“Highlighter on the cheeks are fabulous.” Most of the highlighters contain illuminating properties such as mica and other minerals that tend to catch the light. You need first to find the best features that you need to highlight. First, start with a small amount, then you can add progressively as needed.

If you are in doubt, just step into natural light and see the features on your face that capture light. It could be your upper cheekbones, your chin, or even the bridge of your nose. In other cases, you could even use it on your eyelids if you will not be using any eye-shadow.

Add some illuminating qualities to your lip, especially on a bare lip. It comes off stunning. Also, with the bare and nude lips, a little highlighter will definitely do the trick.

Source: ItsTotallyTara (YouTube)

Source: ItsTotallyTara (YouTube)


As for a natural look, you need to use a bronzer or even blush. That will help to emphasize some features on your face. With a bronzer, you will quickly bring that warm sun-kissed look to your skin without trying too hard. Hence, a bronzer is an ideal way to create that natural glow to your skin.

In case you are not sure where to put your bronzer, you can quickly go with the t-zone as well as the cheekbones. You need to focus the bronzer on the parts that will mostly be in the Sun’s glow. It could be your nose, checks, or even the bridge of your nose.

The bronzer could be a replacement for blush, or in some other cases, you can apply the blush over the bronzer. Any can do as long as you remember that when it comes to bronzer, less is more. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown.

Mute the Blush

There’s no doubt, we all love some rosy-flushed cheeks. But this might not work if you are going for the natural makeup look. It’s essential to keep everything subtle and not too flashy. With that in mind, you can just apply your blush as usual. However, you should quickly go over it with the foundation brush that you had used there before.

With this hack, you will be able to mute the boldness in your blush by giving it a softer finish. That should help bring out that natural look better, mostly if you have gone a little over the top with your blush rosy glow. That is something almost everyone has faced at some point, so it shouldn’t stress you as much.


Natural Look Lips

If you are trying to pull off a natural look, you must keep off those chilly and shiny glosses. Instead of that, try to go with a sheer gloss or some neutral shades. You can also skip the lip liner as well.

The most fantastic hack of all times it to use lipstick that’s at least a few shades darker than the natural shade of your lips. Let it sit on your lips for a couple of minutes then wipe off the lipstick. That will definitely leave behind a shade that will resemble the color of your bare lips, but with a better pop. “Also, you can throw in some fun by adding illuminating glow to your lip gloss or on your lipstick.”


A Natural Look Eye Makeup

When you are doing a natural look, make sure that you use mascara or the eyeliner very lightly. Note that the bold liquid liners are not part of the natural makeup look. Instead, what you should use is a pencil. “Stick to brown if going with a natural look, especially for the eyeliner.” Pop some mascara and eye-shadow that matches your eye color. Make sure we can see there’s some color there but keep as natural looking as possible.

As for the eyeliner, make sure that you apply it directly between your eyelashes. Also, focus on the edges of your underside. That can be somehow uncomfortable, but you can use a brush to lift your eyelid then draw the underside using your brown pencil.

And finally, never miss out on curling your lashes using the eyelash curler before applying the mascara gently. If you feel like the mascara is too much, you can use two cotton buds to pinch over your lashes. That should help remove any excess.


No Matter What, Always do your Eyebrow

“Always do your eyebrow no Matter what. That will get you to wherever you need to go and give you that professional look.”  Eyebrows are very crucial in putting together your entire look. That said, make sure that you pay close attention to them.

The first and most important thing to do is clean them up by getting any stray hairs. Always ensure you have your eyebrows shaped out. And when that’s done, you can use a soft eyebrow powder and a small brush to get the bare spots.

Make sure that you use a subtle color that at least matches the natural color of your eyebrows. Use a brow gel to give the brow a finish. That will help to keep your eyebrows intact and perfect all day long. Also, it will give you a soft look that will add to your overall natural definition.

A Quick Takeaway

If traveling or moving to another state or simply preparing for a meeting, but you forgot to carry your makeup brush, here’s a quick hack that should help you. You can maintain your fresh, dewy look by merely taking a neutral color eye shadow on your checks or a highlighter or a clear lip gloss that will give you the shine you need.

Also, you can consider using a metallic eye-shadow on the cheeks. That is something that would come in handy, even in situations where you are avoiding to carry around your entire makeup collection.


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