The Difference Between Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist, and Personal Stylist

September 10, 2020
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September 10, 2020 MIIEN

Do you know what’s the difference between an image consultant, fashion stylist and personal stylist? Well, in most cases, people can rarely draw the line or may even confuse image consultants with other professions in the same line of professions, such as fashion and personal stylists. But you are in luck as today; we’re going to help you determine the differences between an image consultant, fashion stylist, and personal stylist.

So, Who Exactly is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a professional whose work is to help you build the image that you want others to have of you. “Unlike other professions in the styling industry, an image consultant has formal education and are certified. In that, they are educated specifically to improve one’s aesthetics professionally and personally“- Mikara Reid.

They focus on improving your general appearance from your wardrobe patterns, styling, dressing habits, and accessories. Also, they analyze your behavior focusing on what you portray through your actions and how well you communicate what you think in words. Simply put, an image consultant will focus on building a long-lasting personal image for you

Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist is booked by companies and photographers to dress models, celebrities, and talents“- Mikara Reid. However, Fashion stylists are always very quick and to the point. They are not like a package deal; they will just provide a service for a company or a photographer. And when they complete their gig, they move on to the next client. Fashion stylists don’t focus on creating any rapport with their clients unless they get rehired.

On the same line of profession, you will hear about a wardrobe stylist. Well, A wardrobe stylist is very similar to a fashion stylist. However, they are booked on TV sets and movies alongside some costume designers.

Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are very good at finding deals and particular items. So, if you are looking for a specific item that you are having a hard time finding, you can hire a personal shopper to do the heavy lifting for you“- Mikara Reid.
They are good at hunting for specific items that you need. They may not be good at styling, but they are very good at finding specific things. And they won’t just shop for fashion items, but also other goodies that you may need like a pot to place your roses.

Personal Stylist

A personal stylist is so much like an image consultant, but the difference is that they get to style everyday people“- Mikara Reid. They may not have a formal education like an image consultant, but they are pretty good at what they do. For instance, they can style a mom who wants to get back in the game, a doctor, an engineer, or any other people who need someone to up their fashion game.

MIIEN Consultancy

There is no denying; we live in a world where perception is reality. Therefore, it’s crucial that you set the right first impressions, not just a quick impression but a lasting one. And what you need to get you on the right path is an image consultant.

So, if you are looking for an image consultant, MIIEN Consultancy is a great place to start. MIIEN is a one-stop Image Consultancy that delivers the total package to you, ensuring that your aesthetics is a success.

At MIIEN, we offer luxury services to brands, CEOs, as well as other entrepreneurs that want to invest in their image and style while at the same time integrating photography. All highly visible personalities will reap huge benefits from this level of research, analysis, and consulting.

And with MIIEN, you will not only get image consultation for your individual image but also for your eCommerce. MIIEN also offers image consultant services for your products and merchandise.  Mikara understands that the eCommerce sector is also part of people’s personal brands, and that’s why they include that as well in the packages.

If you need help on discovering your new image, we’d love to help!

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