Working from Home – Flashy Trends Girl Bosses Can Wear

May 6, 2020
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May 6, 2020 MIIEN Staff

Working from Home – Flashy Trends Girl Bosses Can Wear

Let’s face it – working at home for extended hours can be tempting especially when it involves what to wear. Due to the current ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic, more Americans are adjusting to working from home. While establishing a new routine can free up more time, style experts advise that dressing up for work helps one to psychologically prepare to go through the motions as well as inspire productivity. 

As the United States begins to open up with a majority adjusting to working at home, we’ll want you to stay abreast and still look your best since that’s what MIIEN consulting is all about. Here’s a guide of flashy styles of suits ladies can wear in 2020.

The Slim-fit Power Suits

Looking for a perfect white look? You can never go wrong with a slim-fit power suit. The outfit is an ideal choice for ladies that will prefer a serious impression during the virtual meetings. Alternatively, you can opt for a bright blue tailored suit. Complementing it with a white blush gingham should complete the outfit.

For ladies that want to keep it modern and classy, how about a black or a shiny silver-grey slim-fit suit? Wearing a black slim-fit suit and a white shirt will give you a timeless look.


Mixed Fabrics Suits

While traditional suits are considered great for office wear, mixed fabrics designer suits are a great way to create a non-traditional working-from-home look. Of course, we’re all used to the matching set suits in the office. Now that most people are working from home, you can opt to mix and match pieces and fabrics to create a more authentic look at your working space. When your pieces blend perfectly with each other, you’re sure to give an impeccable formal look.


Bold Printed Suits

Currently, designers are using bold prints to create more attention to basic business suits. The most ideal way to flaunt this look is to select a blouse, skirt, or a jacket in bold prints, and then blend it with neutral colored pieces. Make sure your accessories match with the solid-toned pieces.

Broad Shouldered Suits

Perhaps you’re looking to ditch the mannish suits for something more girlish for your wardrobe – that’s alright! For quite a while now, the double-breasted, broad-shouldered, and straight-legged suits have grown enormous popularity. The attires create an impression of intelligence and loveliness. Looking to create a lively atmosphere around your home working space? These suits are all you need!

Peplum Jackets

If your work involves teleconferencing and regular virtual meetings, you’ll want to raise a few eyebrows with a Peplum Jacket. Of course, having a small waist accentuates this outfit. Peplum jackets are a great alternative for ladies that want to step away from traditional silhouettes. Don’t underestimate the attention-grabbing outcome of this outfit. Thereupon, blending it with a skinny pant or skirt in a basic color can be worthwhile.


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